Woodpeckers – Added to the Aviary

The Telephoto Florida Aviary (TPFA) is proud to present, in conjunction with the Lonestar North Photographic Collection, The Birds of Florida. As new photos and species are added to the Aviary, they will be celebrated in post like this.

First up: The Woodpecker, inspired by the single offspring (that never fledged), of a nesting pair of Red-bellied Woodpeckers, in the backyard World Headquarters of TPF.  New galleries include the majestic Pileated, the small Downy and the common Red-bellied Woodpecker, as well as a gallery for the Yellow-bellied Sap Sucker who frequents the lone maple tree in the area.

There are more than seventy shots, taken over the years, including “out of state” examples of Alabama’s Red-headed, Arizona’s Gila and a Costa Rican Wood Creeper.

SEE MORE OF THE AVIARY HERE or click any of the photos below.

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