The Backyard at Telephoto Florida Headquarters

bird-butter_8818-46125wmWant to enhance the back yard birding experience?

Study the regulars. Getting to know the birds that inhabit your area is a great way to enhance your birding skills.

Telephoto Florida Headquarters, in Central Florida, is home to a good variety of bird species.

We have our contingent of titmice, cardinals, woodpeckers, and Carolina wren.

George, the neighborhood Sandhill crane strolls through the property once a week.

Last year, at this time a pair of red-shouldered hawk nested 20 feet above our front door.

Great-crested flycatchers, Cardinals, and Carolina wren have bred on the property. It’s been an education watching them grow and progress.

Migration has started. Today a Carolina chickadee came to visit bringing with her a rarity for here, juvenile painted bunting.



This female Red-bellied woodpecker was nesting outside my office window.  Both male and female were bringing food to the nest though we did not seen any chicks. Last week, their home fell to the ground in a thunder storm.

The hummingbird is very territorial.  I have watch her chase away bees, males hummingbirds and even this juvenile Carolina wren.

They say Black-Oil sunflower seed is a solid choice to attract a variety of birds.  We use peanuts and peanut butter with great success.



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