Ravine Gardens State Park – Palatka

Ravine Gardens State Park is in the heart of downtown Palatka an hour and a half drive south West of Jacksonville FL.  The 59 acre gardens was created by the City of Palatka in the 1930’S and was one of the 10 most visited tourist attractions in the state before Disney came along.

suspension bridge

Ravine Gardens has a two and a half mile paved road that winds around the edge of the ravine. Open to automobile traffic (except for one hour before sunset), the road is shared with joggers, walkers, and cyclists and offers conveniently located benches and overlooks.

Ravine Gardens State Park ravine-garden

Additionally, hikers can access the lower portion of the ravine via a trail system, steep staircases, not for the faint of heart, and by two separate suspension bridges.  The site is excellent for birding by car.  From the elevated vantage point you can watch the song birds in the top of the tree canopy.  If you’re looking for a relaxing picnic spot or a place to stretch your legs Ravine Gardens would serve that purpose nicely.

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Ravine Gardens State ParkRavine Gardens State Park Ravine Gardens State ParkRavine Gardens State Park