Marco Island is located in the South West of Florida, near Naples.  The island is on the Gulf of Mexico and is the largest and only populated island of Florida's Ten Thousand Island region. 

The area is rich in sunshine and white sand beaches.  Marco Island is somewhat on the upper crust of touristy areas.  Expensive hotels, resorts and restaurants are a plenty.  Telephoto Florida suggests Naples as a base camp and day trip over to Marco Island. 

The birding here can be spectacular during migration. There are a couple Great Florida Birding Trails nearby worth visiting. Rookery Bay National Estuarine can be driven through and offers egrets spoonbills, osprey and eagles.  Be sure to stop in at Tigertail Beach.  The GFBWT booklet calls this  "true hotspot during migration, and rarities occur here often".

A lesser known but very pleasant site is Eagle Lakes Park.  This is a site inside a county park complete with tennis courts and baseball fields. Most of the photos to the right were shot here.

To see more photos of the Marco Island area, click here to get to The Lonestar North Gallery.

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