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Tampa’s Lowry Park is a great spot for the whole family. A bit pricey for admission, but if you can get over that you will have day well spent.

Attractions include Asian Gardens, The Florida Boardwalk with a Manatee & Aquatic Center, Primate World, Wallaroo Station, Safari Africa, an Aviary and a Raptor Show. Rides include the Gator Falls roller coaster with a 30-foot drop. There are many kids’ rides at the children’s play area which houses a large carousel and a water park to cool off in. If your feet are sore, join a safari tour vehicle or the Overland Express.  

The zoo started in 1930s but really came into its own in the late eighties, opening to the public in 1988. Today close to a million visitors walk the fifty plus acres annually.

The Lowry Park Zoo does a nice job of presenting the over 1500 animals on site. For the most part, the animals are readily visible in what appears to be comfortable and attractive surroundings. There is even a petting zoo within the park.

Open 9:30 – 5   Adults $27.95 Children (3-11) $20.95 Children (2 & Under) Free

101 West Sligh Avenue, Tampa, FL 33604-5958

To visit the Lowry Park Zoo website CLICK HERE

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Of particular interest to Telephoto Florida is the onsite Aviary. Here you can view numerous exotic bird species including hornbills, hammerkops, cuckoos and cranes.

The Lowry Park Zoo is proud to have the only breeding colony of African Penguins in the state of Florida and has raised nine new chicks. In addition, in 2015 alone the zoo has seen births of a Southern White Rhinoceros, seven baby Skunks, a Clouded Leopard, a Malayan Tapir

To see these and more high resolution photos of the Lowry Park Zoo visit the Lonestar North Gallery HERE