Limpkin added to the Aviary

Tlimpkin_1382-4672he Limpkin is truly a Florida bird. Although found in the tropics, the Limpkin’s North American habitat range is strictly Florida. Limpkin’s favorite food is large apple snails and mollusks it finds by foraging shallow waters. It will also sometime eat insects, crustaceans, worms, frogs, lizards.

The Limpkin’s bill is uniquely adapted to foraging on apple snails. The lower mandible is curved slightly to the right which makes the bill act like tweezers so it can be slipped into the right-handed chamber of the snail.  Both male and female are similar looking. They stand about 28 inches tall and have a wing span of 42 inches. Its loud, strident, eerie call of “KREOW” is a familiar sound at night in the Florida marshes. Some say it sounds like a human in distress, so the Limpkin is known locally as the “Crying Bird.”

Although similar to herons, bitterns and ibis, the Limpkin’s closest relative is the crane.

See more high resolution photos of the Limpkin visit the TPF Aviary – Limpkin




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