The Lakeland Highlands Scrub 

Scrub is a plant community characterized by the dominance of shrubs, in contrast to forests which are dominated by trees, and savannas and prairies which are dominated by grasses.

This 551 acre site is one of the largest undeveloped scrub and scrubby flatwoods areas in the Lakeland area.  The white beach sands found here were left by receding oceans eons ago.  Quite cool to find beach sand so far inland.

The trails here are not well marked.  One trail offers a 0.6 mile walk through a shaded xeric hammock, but the rest of the trails are open to sun.  Bring water, insect repellent and avoid mid day. 

On our visit on a hot August morning we found little bird activity.  Near the short boardwalk we saw a green heron, a couple ibis and egrets.  There were plenty of frogs in the marsh. 

This site may offer migrants during the season.  It is worth a stop if you are in the area if nothing else but to feel beach sand between your toes sixty miles inland .