Lakeland, Florida

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Thanks to the folks that run the town, Lakeland is a vibrant community of some 100,000 folks most of the time.  In season those ranks swell with influx of snow birds who are welcomed openly by the local shops and restaurants.

Any town that is brave enough to support a Zombie Fest is my kind of town.

When Telephoto Florida (TPF) needed a home for their headquarters, Lakeland, Florida backyard fit the bill perfectly. Lakeland sits pretty much at the center of the state and makes an excellent BASE CAMP for everything Florida. Lakeland lies an hour and a half from the beaches on either coast and just thirty minutes from Tampa, the Orlando attractions and some true alligator infested Florida swamp.

Lakeland's charm is its numerous namesake lakes like Lake Mirror in the heart of down town.  Here you can stroll the promenade and feed the swans, the pelicans, ducks, geese and gulls.  Walk around the beautiful Hollis Garden to see what's in bloom or whose getting married.  Feed your appetite at the Garden Bistro or better yet, head up the street for the best pizza experience in town.

The birding in and around Lakeland is amazing.  Her many lakes ensure wading birds and waterfowl all year.  Swallow tailed Kites, hawks, eagles, egrets and osprey soar overhead.  Anhinga dry their wings in the wind.  You never know when a Sandhill Crane family may stroll across the street or hang out in your backyard.

Take a minute and watch to learn a little more about "little mecca of cool" HERE.

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