James E. Grey Preserve

James E Grey Preserve in New Port Richey, just north of Tarpon Springs along Florida’s west coast is a small 80 acre park, a bit difficult to find, tucked within a residential section of New Port Richey, along the Pithlachascotee “Cotee”River.

The site offers a nice canopied boardwalk, a fishing pier and a couple miles of hiking trails (some wheel chair accessible). The park is at the end of a Florida Canoe Trail and the slow moving Pithlachascotee would make a scenic canoe trip.

An orientation sign boasts the [ark hosts deer, gopher tortoise, manatee, wild boar and wild turkey. On this hot June day in the middle of the afternoon we saw a Downey woodpecker, a cardinal and a couple of large gopher tortoises.

To see more of the James E Grey Preserve CLICK HERE

  • James E Grey Preserve sign
  • James E Grey Preserve tortoise
  • James E Grey Preserve bridge
  • James E Grey Preserve
  • James E Grey Preserve

We do not doubt the park’s claim of hosting over 140 species of birds. The rich vegetation could easily attract a plethora of birds during migration.

All in all, James E. Grey Preserve is a nice little oasis in the suburbs. There are numerous GFBWT sites in the vicinity so one can easily make a day of visiting the area.  

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