Hilochee Trail

Hilochee Wildlife Management Area is a little known trail in Polk County that runs east and west along Interstate 4 just east of Lakeland and as far as Highway 27 to the east. 

The trails are not noted for birding, but our visit yielded some nice shots of Swallow-tailed Kites drinking “on the wing” on the lake at the south entrance.

The wild blackberries were ripening and we picked a few of these delicious berries. These trails are mostly open sun and run along the tree banks south of the Interstate. Not much shade so choose your time of day.  

TPF would not call this spot a gem, but a nice walk if you are in the area.

See more of the Hilochee Trail HERE

Hilochee butterfly southern-white-butterfly blackberries_5425-64125wm lilly-pads_0994-64125wm hilochee

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