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The Elinor Klapp-Phipps Park on Lake Jackson in north Tallahassee is one of the finest parks in the area for Florida birding.

Long leaf pines, deciduous forests and ambling streams attract all sorts of park visitors, including migrant song birds, Wild Turkeys and Eastern Bluebirds. The waters of Lake Jackson attract waders like Heron, Anhinga and Osprey.

The trail system is both numerous and of multi-use. Several hiking trails crisscross the area. One can mountain bike along the four mile Red Bug Mountain Bike Trail, which is one of the oldest mountain bike trails in the city’s park system. There are equestrian trails, a butterfly trail and The Bluebird Trail containing some 30 bluebird boxes placed there by a local Eagle Scout troop.

There are so many trails it is easy to get lost among them so choose carefully and pay attention as you hike the park.

The 670 acre tract of land also includes The Meadows Soccer Complex on Millers Landing Road and the Meridian Park multi-use youth sports complex. The park is open from dawn to dusk. Whether you’re looking for a short walk in the park or multi-mile adventure, this park offers it all.

  • elanor-klapp-trail
  • elanor-klapp-trail
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