Buntings added to Aviary

painted-buntingThe Painted Bunting has long been on the Telephoto Florida Life wish list. Although the female is drab green, the male is all a flurry of color.

As luck would have it, we heard about a nearby feeder, full of millet, that the local Painting Buntings were fond of. We headed out immediately for Little Talbot Island State Park, near Amelia Island on Florida’s northeast coast.

After happily paying the $5 admission, we headed right for the feeder behind the ranger station. Equipped with a mid-range Canon 70-200, we set up 20-30 feet away on a comfortable set of benches provided for just that purpose.

It wasn’t long before we noted a pair of males competing for the attention of a female(s). I played a few bars of their call on my cell phone which set the males off in a chirping tizzy fit.

These Painted Bunting and others can be seen in higher resolution at The Aviary at Telephoto Florida.




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