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Animal KingdomIf fireworks, parades, costumed characters and exotic animals is your thing, then Disney’s Animal Kingdom just might fit your bill. A day at Disney is always an adventure, albeit an expensive adventure.

Animal Kingdom offers a great deal of variety and is Telephoto Florida’s favorite park of the four. Walking the park you will be immersed in tropical jungle pathways and you will see a variety of animals from exotic locales like South East Asia, and Africa. There are lions, tigers, gorillas, monkeys, turtles, sharks, and even a komodo dragon.

Animal KingdomTelephoto Florida’s advice for a truly enjoyable day at Disney is to take your time. Be mindful of the weather. Explore with wonder and awe and most of all, be patient. Even on a slow day, expect crowds of tired moms and dads dishing out discipline to their overstimulated offspring.

Plan on plenty of walking, though you may find some respite on a slow train ride or bumpy jeep tour (definitely not conducive to quality photography).

Animal Kingdomblurr

Bring your own water and small snacks to keep energized and hydrated during what can be a long hot day. As one would expect, food drinks and souvenirs are expensive.

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Animal Kingdom Animal Kingdom Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom

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