If you drive along Interstate 4 just east of Tampa you will for sure have seen Airstream Ranch, fashioned after Cadillac Ranch in Texas.  Here in an open field next to Bates RV dealership 7 1/2 vintage airstream trailers are buried in the ground.  But why?

Frank and Dorothy Bates created the "art piece" in 2007 to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Airstream.  The trailers are vintage 1957 to 1994. Seems that although neighbors thought them offensive, the courts did not and after a short legal struggle, the trailers were there to stay.

Readily visible from the highway, I recommend you do not stop on 1-4 to see the unique attraction.  This can be dangerous to your health. Rather take exit 14 south to Hwy 92, turn right and look for Castlewood Rd.  A small fence needs climbing to get close to the Airstreams but no one bothered me while I visited.