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Your official tour guide, photographer Michael Smeets, a.k.a. Lonestar North has been poking his lenses around Florida for more than a decade, capturing an eclectic collection of Florida themed photos.

“Working with Telephoto Florida allows me to focus my efforts on the Florida I have come to love. The idea of being a champion for Florida tourism and a resource for other birders is exciting. I look forward to sharing my Florida experiences. 

“I shoot Canon and my favourite lenses are (what else?) telephotos.  I have a Sigma 50-500 and a Canon 70-200 and a couple others.  I try to capture an up close and personal perspective of my subjects

“In 2014, in anticipation of an Arizona vacation, I acquired some wide angle lenses and a host of filters and a whole new world of landscape photography opened up.”

Above: Dragonfly eating a fly

Telephoto Florida (TPF) is first and foremost a reference site for Florida Birds and Florida Birding. The site offers a plethora of Florida locations and Florida things to do. 

TPF has two main virtual trail heads: The TPF Tour and the GFBWT. One is for the birds; the other is for the not so birder.

Be sure to check out The TPF Aviary. This is an excellent resource for all level of birder offering a wide selection of both native and migratory species, conveniently sorted by taxonomy.

TPF has travelled all over the state to document sites. Whether gems from off the beaten track while or popular and obvious, all are given TPF’s unique perspective. 

Trek the 515 Great Florida Birding and Wildlife Trail sites or follow us around Disneyland.  Our mission is to encourage you to come to Florida by sharing with you some of the sites you will see while you are here. 

We are not a scientific site so don’t be too harsh on us if we mistake a pine warbler for palm, a sparrow for a finch, or a bittern for a heron.

So, come for the birds or come for the mouse, but do come.  We know you want to.

Tell us about your Florida experience.  Did you discover somewhere we should go? What birds did you see?  Share a “life bird” moment. Join the conversation.

Longboat Key Beach

Telephoto Florida at Longboat Key Beach