So you want to go Birding in Florida?  

Well you have come to right place!  TELEPHOTO FLORIDA. 

Our mission at Telephoto Florida (TPF) is to entice you to come to Florida and see not just the birds, but all that Florida offers. We will introduce you to both birding and non birding Florida through first hand reviews, on site reporting and original photography,

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Welcome to Telephoto Florida (TPF), a self-guided, virtual tour of the Sunshine State.  If you are looking for things to do in Florida, from the obvious to the eclectic, be it birding, beaches, or theme park attractions, Telephoto Florida (TPF) has got you covered.

Pick a region and poke around the web site. See where the path may lead. Then pack the camera.  Pack the kids and come on down to the Sunshine State.  We know you want to! 


Mike_badgeThe TPF Tour is a general tour which winds its way through a plethora of Florida locations from beaches to the attractions, theme parks and eclectic retreats, replete with camellias and carillon concerts.


swallow-tailed-kite The GFBWT Tour is our birding specific tour.  This tour documents many of the 515 Great Florida Birding and Wildlife Trail locations. If its birding you want, this is the place to start.


link to the aviaryThe Aviary at Telephoto Florida is a photographic collection; sorted by taxonomy, of birds found in Florida and elsewhere.  The gallery is being created on the wing.  As numerous websites merge, this site will serves as a useful birding reference tool.


map buttonMaps Use this page to get oriented and check distances.

To navigate the slide shows, hover over to stop the picture and arrow to move forward and back.  Please watch them through. Most slide shows are under a minute.


Florida is the No. 1 wildlife-viewing destination in the United States, for good reason.

Wildlife viewing in Florida is the second most popular outdoor recreation in the State (after going to the beach).  It supports 51,000 jobs and generates $5 Billion a year.

As such, the State does a great job of supporting wild-life viewing.  All but three of Florida’s 67 counties have at least one Great Florida Birding and Wildlife Trail (GFBWT) destination.  If that is not enough, there is always the beach. 

Yes Floridians, and those who visit here have it very rough.



sign-snow-birdsFlorida is home to millions of snowbirds for good reason. 

Both human and avian populations find refuge from long, cold grueling northern winters and make Florida their seasonal wintering ground. 

Florida is not, however, a one season state. We have three.   

   TOURIST = Feb - May            HURRICANE = June - Nov             THIS-IS-WHY-WE-LIVE-HERE = Nov- Feb 

TOURIST season is late winter, starting February and culminating with Spring Break.  If you avoid the crowds and escalated prices on hotels to golf, spring can be an excellent time to come to Florida.  Migration and the Grapefruit League are both in full swing. 

FLNAV-22BTHURRICANE should never frighten you away  unless, of course, immediate forecasts are dire.  The expert predictions never get it right. 

THIS-IS-WHY-WE-LIVE-HERE season. Freeze warnings are measured by the hour, not by the week. Lower prices, smaller crowds and just as much to do.  Wintering birds are a plenty.  

christmas-florida-signIf you stay over Christmas send your holiday mail from the Christmas, Florida post office.

So pick your date, put it on the calendar and take the plunge.  Go ahead, we know you want to.

Bewildered SkyWhere should you go?

It's entirely up to YOU.

What do you want to do?  What do you want to see?  When are you coming and for how long?

Florida has so much to offer, everything from award-winning beaches, State Parks, crystal clear Springs and Preserves to overpriced theme parks, roller coasters and water parks.

This site presents an eclectic collection of Florida's offerings.  We travel from back yard gardens to exotic beaches; from the Everglades to the waterfalls (yes Florida has waterfalls).  

So where should you go in Florida?  Browse around Telephoto Florida and let us know what you decide.

What will you see?

Birds.  Alligators.  Palm Trees.  Sandy Beaches.  Sunsets.

Heron CamMuch depends on where you are in the state and when you decide to come but rest assured, you will see all of the above.  It is best to know what you want accomplish with your trip and work around that.  

Are you squeezing in a bit of birding between the kids and theme parks, or are you a hard-core-bumper-sticker-birder interested in the resurgence of the Red-cockaded Woodpecker? 

yellow-rumped-warblerDo you care if that warbler is a male, early adult in full breeding plumage?  What warbler?  That one, up there… behind that branch.. there… on the right, half way up, ok see where the limb splits… oh sorry... got carried away.

swallow-tail-kiteWherever you end up, watch the skies for egrets, osprey and swallow-tailed kites. Look for night heron hiding in the mangroves, sandhill cranes digging in the fields,  and anhingas drying their wings in the Florida sun.

anhingaFrom theme parks to preserves, from state parks to gardens, Telephoto Florida explores some of the best birding opportunities the State of Florida has to offer. 

Break out the binoculars, get the camera gear and sunscreen and come on down. We know you want to!

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Enough already!  

Take the tour and start your Florida adventure.  

TPF Tour


The Aviary

We are not scientists here at TPF so let us know if we mistake a sparrow for a finch, a sandpiper for a plover, semipalmated or not. 

Drop a comment on our BLOG  Tell us about your Florida experience.   What birds did you see?   Share a “life bird” moment. 

Sign up and check in often to see when new locations are added.

 So, come for the birds or come for the mouse, but do come.  We know you want to.